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    The Goddess Eilistraee

    The Goddess Eilistraee

    Who is the Goddess Eilistraee?


    Eilistraee is a fictional character from the fantasy world setting of Forgotten Realms, a world within Dungeons and Dragons. Eilistraee is the only goodly Goddess of the Dark Elves, an typically evil race of Elves who live miles under the ground in the world of Forgotten Realms. The story of Eilistraee is a beautiful and sad story, full of strife and sacrifice.

    Eilistraee Information

    What is Eilistraee.org?


    Eilistraee.org is a website devoted to fans of the fictional character, Eilistraee, The Dark Maiden. She is the matron Goddess of all goodly Dark Elves). Eilistraee.org is a fan site created to hold fan information, artwork, short stories, and news relating too and about Eilistraee and Forgotten Realms. Eilistraee.org is run by several dedicated fans who volunteer their time to create and maintain this website. We are avid Dungeons and Dragons players. We also read Forgotten Realms novels. After years of interest in Dark Elves and, especially, Eilistraee, we decided to create a fan website!


    Artwork and Content of the Site!


    Eilistraee.org copyrights all artwork found on the site. All images, video, and other none textual media are artwork inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and not taken from nor owned by anyone other than Eilistraee.org. All textual data, i.e. written word, were written by members of Eilistraee.org unless otherwise and expressly stated or inferred by direct means of quotations within the context of a quote. Game stats and information about Eilistraee was transcribed from the recollections of players and not directly from books about Eilistraee, though such stats were cross referenced against cannon books.


    Dungeons and Dragons, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Forgotten Realms, Drizzt, Eilistraee (when in reference to the fictional character contained within Advanced Dungeons and Dragons), and Lolth are copyright or trade marked by Wizards of the Coast ®, a subsidiary of Hasbro ® Inc. Eilistraee.org has absolutly NO affiliation in ANY way with these companies. We do not an ANY WAY claim anything of theirs as ours and want to ensure that this is fully understood. We stand apart as a fan site and provide ourselves under general fair use laws as a dedicated to the love of Dark Elves, the mythical creature, and Eilistraee, in general.